Many reasons, including:

Buyers on are looking to buy a property - they need to renew their registration every 6 months to confirm they are still in the market.

You can send personalised messages to a single buyer or a broadcast message to multiple buyers - you control the content.

Your messages can have a link to your website where buyers may browse other properties of yours.

You can also attach a PDF Brochure of the property to your message.

You can send messages to Buyers before uploading the property to any real estate portals - the benefits of this include reduced marketing costs and creating urgency with buyers.

Once you have commenced marketing the property, you can still send messages to buyers informing them of upcoming auctions, home opens, price adjustments etc.

You can target buyers in specific price ranges or buyers looking in specific areas (even if your listing is located elsewhere). You determine the type of buyer you want to send the message to as each buyer identifies their own circumstances.

You can use to target specific types of buyers - if your seller is looking for a quick sale, you can identify cash buyers and communicate with them directly. Alternatively, if your seller is in no hurry, it may suit them and you to look at buyers who need to sell first.

This site is useful when selling subdivisible properties - property developers (large and small) will register on this site to get off market and pre market opportunities.

Being active on will get you listings - if registered buyers have a property to sell, they are likely to deal with agents who are respectfully communicating with them. They will also understand this concept and be prepared to sell off market - possibly to other Buyers on this site (but they can only do this via an Agent as Private Sellers do not have access).

This is not a database that you need to maintain. Just log in once a day, once a week, once a month or whenever. You search for current buyers then send a message to the ones you have selected.

The cost of annual subscription to should be more than recouped within the first month of using it. This system will make you money and save you time and money.

Using this system will dilute the power and influence the major portals have over the industry as fewer properties will need to be listed on their sites (even only 1% will save a lot of money for your vendors).

You are able to submit articles to our site (at no cost). These can have a link to your personal or company website (publication of these articles is at the sole discretion of the owner of the site).

Once you pay your subscription, there is no additional cost.
There will be Buyers out there new to the market or some that have not been in contact with your company. Also, our experience is that many Buyer databases are out of date as they need to be constantly maintained by admin and sales people. This database is self managed by the Buyers - if they are no longer in the market, they remove their listing or it expires naturally after 6 months.
Some real estate businesses are single operators, others have 30, 40 or more sales people. There is no one size fits all and creating different tiers adds complications that are not necessary. Also, in an office of 5 sales people maybe only one or two will use this system. Another office might have 40 sales people and 30 use the site. It is impossible to construct a fair and equitable system that covers all possibilities.
No. The site is only available for real estate salespeople who are registered by the Licensing Board in their state.

Allowing Private Sellers to subscribe to would compromise the system and put the online security of our Registered Buyers at risk.

If we allowed Private Sellers to subscribe this would mean anyone with an email address could set up an account and make contact with all of our Buyers. If a Buyer made a complaint about inappropriate contact or offensive communication, we would not necessarily be able to identify the offender.

By limiting the Subscribers to legally authorised real estate sales people, we can track any complaint back to an individual and take action as necessary.
Yes, if they subscribe and if they use it as well as you can. We expect that only 20-30% of Selling Agents will subscribe.

It is true that if two agents are competing for a listing and both are using Buyers Register then there is no advantage. However, if one agent is using this system and the other is not then there is an advantage for the agent using

Of course, if you don't subscribe and your opposition does, you will miss out on listings and Buyers that may be in your patch that you don't even know about.
Only registered sales agents can subscribe - if your PA is a registered sales person under your state Licensing Authority you are able to subscribe them. If they deal with all the buyers, maybe there is no need for you to be subscribed as well. However, once you subscribe and complete your contact details, these cannot be edited.
No arguments there but there is a cost to send electronic Brochures and they have a vested interest in keeping Buyers Registered on their site. Additionally, all the traffic generated by these electronic Brochures is directed to their website - not yours.

Our system has many other advantages over these portals:

a) you can send a targeted, personalised message to one Registered Buyer or a bulk message to multiple Buyers.

b) as our Buyers have to confirm their registration every 6 months, obsolete Buyers are removed automatically.

c) there is a small subscription for our service with no extra charges.

e) We expect Buyers Agents to be big users of this site - they deal with qualified Buyers (often investors or developers) and are usually looking to secure a property "off market". The site will be free for Buyers Agents to use to register their Buyers.

f) The opportunity to connect with qualified Buyers before your new listing is shown on any of the major portals has the potential to save you and your Seller significant marketing costs.

g) This site allows you to send your messages out with your own name, email address and phone number as well as a personalised message. Also, you have the flexibility to insert a link to your own website to this message - this helps you promote your website rather than one of the major portals. You can also attach your own pdf brochure to the message. (Please don't send a link to your listing on the major portals - they get enough traffic and we don't need to give them more).

h) Using this site regularly will diminish the power and influence the major portals hold over the real estate industry. We are an Australian based, family company with the goal of providing a cost effective alternative to Selling Agents. We do not market properties.
The subscription cost is the same whether you work in Sydney or Broken Hill as it is the same in Far North Queensland or the Perth CBD. There are advantages of this system for regional Agents as they are able to target Buyers who may not have considered a property purchase outside of metropolitan areas.

For example, if you have listed a modest 3 bedroom home in the middle of a town that has high rental demand and good yield, you can target investors looking for positive cash flow properties. Many local Buyers may not see the value in the property whilst city investors will.

Also, many regional Buyers are not actively searching websites or communicating with local Agents - they may be prepared to buy if something pops up. You may list a 10,000 acre farm and this is exactly the type of property they are looking for.

Not only is great for regional Agents and regional Buyers but regional Agents should be recommending their clients register on this site as you never know what might get listed by a city Agent and the opportunity for a conjunctional arrangement and a quick sale would be attractive to both Agents.
Searching by postcodes is easier and more effective. There are often multiple suburbs in a single postcode (eg. 6056 has over 10 suburbs).