When creating your listing on www.buyersregister.com.au you should consider that you are writing an advertisement to sell your Buyer to a Selling Agent or New Home Sales Consultant.

All sales people prefer to deal with people who know what they want and how much they can afford. So, understand the budget and be clear with your requirements.

Once you have completed your Registration you should start receiving offers of new properties from Selling Agents and specials offers from New Home Sales Consultants.

To ensure you get the maximum number of offers and that the types of properties offered match your criteria, here are a few tips:

  1. Ensure your headline is clear and indicates you are a serious Buyer.
  2. Make sure your price range is realistic for the area and type of property you are looking for.
  3. Depending on your client's requirements, you could cast your location net wide or be very specific about where you want to buy. The more specific you are about the location, the less offers you will get but if your client only wants to live in a particular suburb, this can work (it just may take a little more time).
  4. Explain "must haves" - for example if 4 bedrooms are essential, make sure this is clear.
  5. Give Selling Agents and New Home Sales Consultants an idea of your client's circumstances but don't go into too much detail.
    For example:
    "Cash Buyer, ready to act" or
    "Pre approved for finance" or
    "Need to sell our home to Buy"
  6. Don't over state the budget hoping that a Seller or Builder will reduce their price to suit your client. It is more likely that your client will need to find more money if they fall in love with a property outside of their real budget.
  7. When creating your "Headline", ensure that you identify the most important features your client is seeking. For example if a pool is critical, ensure this is in the headline - some Selling Agents or New Home Sales Consultants may not read the full description.
  8. As a Buyers Agent, you can advertise your services in our Services Directory. This website will be full of Buyers of all types looking for a property. Just one new client will make up for the cost of many years of advertising on this site.