A big benefit to registering on this site is that our Registered Buyers will get access to properties before they came onto the general real estate market - any decent real estate agent would search this site prior to spending thousands of dollars marketing their client's property on the traditional real estate websites.
Whilst most Agents will maintain their own personal database of Buyers, the efficiency of these databases vary from Agent to Agent. Also, agents from outside the area may list a property that is perfect for you - unless you register with all Agents in the state, you risk missing out on the perfect property. This system allows you to register once and gives access to all Agents.
A Buyer's Agents service goes beyond what we are offering. They provide a valuable service for some people and that service can't be replaced by a website.

However, many Buyer's Agents will use this website to source properties for their clients.
The average cost of marketing a property for sale in Australia and New Zealand varies from property to property and state to state. However, suffice to say that the minimum cost for a 3 month campaign would be around $1,000 but it is not uncommon for Sellers to spend $8,000 to $10,000 on a marketing campaign.

So who pays for this?

Either the Seller or the Agent pays - if the Agent covers the marketing costs, there is usually a higher commission charged. So, Sellers pay either way. Of course, this pushes up the price of the property so in the end, the Buyer pays.

Where does the money go?

A large proportion goes to Property Portals - these are multi billion dollar companies that generated hundreds of millions in revenue each year - just from advertising real estate. This money is from Sellers and Real Estate Agents.

Marketing costs are generally paid up front by the Seller whether or not they are successful in selling their property.
So, selling a property "off market" has great appeal to Agents and Sellers.
As a prospective buyer, you will register on our site and only Real Estate Sales People will be able to subscribe to make contact with you. As they will pay a fee to subscribe to the site and they will need to provide a valid sales registration number, it is highly unlikely that any scammers will access the site.

You should always be vigilant when dealing with people unknown to you and never give out personal information unless you know who you are dealing with.

This is why our site does not allow names, addresses phone numbers or email addresses of Buyers to be advertised - this protects your privacy and reduces the possibility of scammers.

If an Agent is pestering you with repeated messages or properties that are completely irrelevant to what you have indicated, you can block that Agent through our site.

If you get any messages other than Agents offering you properties that may suit, please contact our administration team and we will take action.
This site is designed to give Buyers and Selling Agents an opportunity to connect.

This site does not:

Advertise properties.

Do Market appraisals or valuations.

Negotiate a sale.

Provide finance or building, structural or pest inspections - again appoint a professional to do these things for you.
We may use your email address to communicate with you from time to time but we will never sell or give away your email address or any of your private details.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
This is an industry wide system that allows prospective Buyers to Register once and receive offers from ALL Agents - not just the ones specializing in a particular area.

You may have left your details with 10 Agents but if Agent number 11 lists the perfect property, would you like to find out about it before it hits the open market?