You can search for Buyers and send them messages before your listing goes onto the market but also prior to your first open home.

If the property remains on the market for any length of time, it's worth doing a new search and sending messages again say 3 weeks into a marketing campaign.

By providing an enticing preview to the listing, you will significantly increase your enquiry rates, website traffic and engagement.

The number of messages you send is not as important as the engagement. So, it is better to send messages to 6 active buyers looking for a property that matches your listing than it is to send 1,000 messages to people who are not in the market, looking elsewhere or not in the same price range as your listing.

Don't waste people's time - we are all busy and a Buyer will soon tire of you if you keep sending them messages that are irrelevant to their needs.

Make sure you spell check (either electronically or manually) before you send the message. Unprofessional email messages are much less effective than a well worded, polite message inviting the Buyer to call you.

Always include a link to your company website or better still, directly to the listing on your site.

Ensure your message includes an indication when the listing will start appearing on the major portals - giving the Buyers the opportunity to inspect the property before this happens. This creates some urgency for them.

Try searching similar suburbs in different areas - not everyone is fixed on the location and they may not be searching the major portals in your area or may not have considered the suburb you are selling in.

When your listing is a tenanted property or one ideal for investors, make sure you look for investors and tailor your message to them. You can send a separate message for the same listing to Buyers looking for a home.

Share your successes with us by sending feedback to: this will help us improve the website and increase the number of Buyers available to you.