Registering as a Buyer's Agent is FREE and you can Register multiple Buyers and cancel any of your Buyer's Registrations anytime.

To start:

  1. Open an account by using your email address. (Please note: this email address will not be displayed on the site).
  2. Establish your password.
  3. Check your inbox for confirmation and follow the prompts.
  4. Create a Buyer profile by clicking "Add a New Buyer".
    Enter your Buyers name or a code that you can identify them by (this will only be visible to you. If you wish, you can add some notes for yourself.
    Click "Save Buyer Details". Click "Back to Dashboard" at the top of the page - this will take you back to your Buyer Dashboard.
  5. Select "Add a New Search". Tick at least one box in "Property Type" then under "Select Buyer", your Buyers will be in a drop down list and if you have multiple Buyers you can select one.
    So under your account, you can have multiple Buyers and each Buyer can have multiple searches.
  6. Select your price range - please note you must insert a minimum and maximum then identify the state that your Buyer is looking to Buy (it doesn't matter where you or they live).
  7. Identify the suburbs where your Buyer is interested in Buying a property. Enter the suburbs required or use the interactive map (not functional for mobile or tablet users). To use the map, click on multiple points to outline the search area. The last click should be on the first point to close the search area.
  8. Create a Headline to catch the Selling Agents attention.
  9. Select the features the Buyer is looking for.
  10. Write a brief description of your Buyers special requirements. Here you can also point out their circumstances (Cash Buyer or Finance approved etc).
  11. Click "Save Property Search Details".
  12. Click "Back to Dashboard" at the top of the page to return to your dashboard or click "Return to Main Website (Logout)" to log out.

It is important to remember, that whilst the Selling Agents and New Home Sales Consultants are sending you these properties, they do not have your contact details so if you do not respond the property may sell to someone else.

To make an enquiry you should call or email the Selling Agent or New Home Sales Consultant directly.

Many of these properties will sell before being offered on the traditional real estate websites so you are advised to respond in a timely manner when a property is of interest.

It is important when you respond that you let the Selling Agent or New Home Sales Consultant know you are responding to a message sent via

You are not under any obligation to respond to any messages.

Please ensure that once your Buyer is no longer in the market then you remove their listing from this site.

For tips on how to get better or more opportunities from Agents click here.