Firstly, we want your Buyer's listings and requirements treated equally with other Buyers. If a selling Agent knows that your listing is a Buyers Agent then they may not send you as many opportunities.

Of course, once you get the offer from the Agent, you are free to identify yourself and explain to them the arrangement you have with your client.
No. The site is only available for real estate salespeople who are registered by the Licensing Board in their state.

Allowing Private Sellers to subscribe to would compromise the system and potentially put the online security of our Registered Buyers at risk.

If we allowed Private Sellers to subscribe this would mean anyone with an email address could set up an account and make contact with all of our Buyers. If a Buyer made a complaint about inappropriate contact or offensive communication, we would not necessarily be able to identify the offender.

By limiting the Subscribers to legally authorised real estate sales people, we can track any complaint back to an individual and take action as necessary.
Simply put, you will get opportunities sent to you before they go onto these portals.

The last thing you want is for your Buyer to find out about a property that sold within their price range that you didn't hear about.

We are expecting this system to increase the number of "off market sales" considerably and (as there is no cost to you as a Buyers Agent), you would be negligent not to subscribe all of your active Buyers.
With no subscription cost for Buyers Agents, there is nothing to lose and lots to gain - whether you work in regional areas of the city (or both).