Create a plan to regularly search for Buyers. For example, every second Tuesday put together a promotional offer and search for Buyers within a particular range. You may send out 10, 20, 100 messages and you may get 1 or 2 responses or you might get 30!

You can market the same home design both as a new home on its own but also as a house and land package.

Make sure you include relevant information in the body of your message but don't make it too long - few Buyers will read long messages.

Understand that Buyers wanting to build are from all different spheres of the property Buyers pool - investors, first home Buyers, retirees, trade up and down Buyers. Tailor your message to suit one group and manually filter your Buyer's search results to reflect this so that those people getting your message are suitable.

When you send a message to Buyers, offer them something special for example:

We are offering a select few clients the opportunity to get the first look at our new display home at... on Thursday between 4 and 5pm. If you want to be one of the first people to see this amazing new design, please text or email me to confirm your attendance.

Keep the messages relatively simple and enticing the Buyer to contact you.

Always include a pdf brochure of the new home with the floorplan.

Always include a link to your website.

Invite Buyers to your display homes both during normal opening times and by appointment.

Make sure you spell check (either electronically or manually) before you send the message. Unprofessional email messages are much less effective than a well worded, polite message inviting the Buyer to call you.

Be aware that some Buyers are looking to build to rent out the property long term. Check the Property Use by clicking on the "+" button on the left hand side of each Buyer. This will tell you more about what the Buyer is looking for.

If you are offering a house and land package that will suit an investor, ensure you get an estimate of weekly rent from a local Property Manager. Then tailor a message to investors specifically. You can send a separate message for the same package to Buyers looking to build a home. However, one message should be tailored to investors, the other to home Buyers.

Share your successes with us by sending feedback to: this will help us improve the website and increase the number of Buyers available to you.